Extreme Performance with Construct 1

Find a size perfect for you. For large prints or small, the Construct 1 and Construct 1 XL are perfect either as stand alone machines, or as an accompaniment to your workflow.

Construct 1 is designed to be a perfect desk-top machine fitting on a 600mm desk snugly. Construct 1 XL is aimed towards larger format printing and fits on a 800mm desk

Customisable to your use-case with 2 different nozzle ecosystems available – CHT or Revo.
CHT is maximum performance, while Revo offers job flexibility with quick change nozzles

Quality In, Quality Out

A super rigid frame is the skeleton which everything else gets built onto. Featuring an incredibly robust Aluminium frame allows us to push the limits of traditional 3D printing.

precision components
Premium CNC grade components are used in all movement axis

Experience how the next generation of 3D printing is able to resolve even the finest details while being lightning fast. No more waiting or worry, Just print and forget.